If the surreal world of music mixing, record scratching and foot thumping attracts you, consider embarking on an interesting journey to become a DJ. The work of a Disc Jockey is completely different facet to it too. You connect with your audiences in a way that needs you to be extremely perceptive and observant and subsequently reactive by delivering what they are looking for. The best and most successful DJs of the world come with this intrinsic passion in them that forms the base if you wish to traverse the same roads. Apart from that some of the best DJ courses in Bangalore can help you with the technical aspects.

Types of DJ Productions

Before you learn more about the top DJs of the world, you need to get an insight into the different kinds of DJs that exist.

  • The Club DJ:

Such a DJ has a task cut out for him as different clubs have different requirements with respect to their ambience, reputation, clientele, etc. As a DJ you have to gauge the difference, formulate a strategy to keep its guests engaged on the dance floor and at the bar, and then execute it.

  • The Mobile DJ:

As one of these, you get to move around a lot and modify given the occasion. You could be performing at occasions as diverse as a wedding or a corporate part. You often have the responsibility of leading the party to its success by engaging deeper with the guests. For instance by accepting requests, making announcements, etc.

  • The Radio DJ:

As a DJ on a popular radio channel, you have the freedom to exhibit your own creation at your discretion.

Top DJs of the world

  • Calvin Harris

This Scottish born DJ has been reigning at the top of the list for some years now. The high in demand artist can be mostly found churning out some great work at the top Las Vegas nightclubs driving party-goers to a frenzy with albums like Funk Wav Bounces Volume 1.

  • The Chainsmokers

This duo from New York City comes a close second with their works like Selfie and Closer has received rave reviews from their audiences. In fact, Selfie has found its way in the top twenty lists of musical hits in most countries worldwide.

  • Tiesto

This Dutch DJ, also named as “the Greatest DJ of all Time” by a poll taken from all fans and conducted by Mix Magazine, is a gifted musician and record producer of all time. His first solo album In My Memory is what shot him to fame when it got released about two decades back. Among the feathers in the cap are a nomination for a Grammy Award in the year 2008 and a Grammy Award for Best remixed Recording, Non-Classical.

  • Diplo

This American songwriter, DJ and record producer has worked with many international pop artists who gave him much exposure and experience leading him to the road to fame.  One of his title tracks was later used by the famous car company Hyundai for their advertisement jingle.

  • Zedd

Zedd or Anton Zaslavski is a Russian-German DJ, songwriter and record producer. Some of his most popular works include “Stay”, “The middle” and “Breakfree”. His second musical album True Colours that featured famous model and actress Selena Gomez shot him to instant popularity.

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