Top 5 best institutes/colleges in India to take sound engineering courses

There are different types of courses that you can pursue under the vast discipline of audio engineering, as per your likes and interests. The subject deals with all the facets of sound and further manipulates it for different media like television, radio etc. Various Sound engineering institutes in Bangalore offer a variety of courses in sound recording and editing. It involves understanding as well as the manipulation of sound. The best colleges would give equal weight to both classroom training as well as practical exposure, both of which are important aspects of such courses, along with the usage of the latest software technologies and state-of-the-art equipment.

a sound engineer doing his art.

Choice of courses

If you wish to take a deep plunge into the subject and pursue a long term course, the best sound engineering courses in India help you approach the subject from a technical as well as a creative perspective. It will involve a mix of electrical engineering, audio technology, software applications and music.

If you want to enrol in a shorter duration, of course, that deals with a specific area under audio engineering, there are various specialised courses too that you can look into. For example, you can simply master the skill of sound mixing, sound editing, audio recording, audio production and even multimedia.

Career options

As a sound engineer, you can hope to find employment in a variety of sectors and the prospects that you will have are immense. Some of them are the music industry, film and television industry, game development industry, broadcast networks, recording studios, animation industry, event management companies and much more.

The 5 institutes

  1. IIT-Kharagpur

This is one of the best institutes in India that offers an advanced level course in Media and Sound engineering. You need to take the GATE exam as admissions are based on scores obtained. You also need to have a bachelors engineering degree in electrical, electronics, IT and computer science or instrumentation.

One of the best sound engineering institutes in Bangalore, this is another great place to pursue a career in sound engineering or any aspect of it depending on your choice of specialization. The institute gives you immense exposure through access to recording facilities, music laboratories and libraries at the disposal of students. You can choose from a variety of electives on offer or concentrate simply on music recording and production. After completion of the course, you get to intern at recording studios, radio stations, post-production facilities as well as live performance venues.

This prestigious institute also provides a full-time three-year course and advanced level diploma where you can specialize in sound recording. To enrol yourself you need to undergo a written examination along with viva voce and an interactive orientation session. To apply you need to have passed your twelfth standard with physics as a mandatory subject.

This award-winning institute takes you through the complete mechanics of recording, mixing and reproducing sounds in its full-time engineering course. You are trained to not only be in charge of the recording room but also to be a producer of sound. You can choose to do research in latest technologies related to sound engineering, recording, producing or provide sound designing for video gaming consoles. The course also covers analogue or digital recording, live show production and post-production along with music history, entertainment law etc.

This is India’s first Steinberg Certified Training Centre and offers a well-rounded course that focuses on recording techniques used in music production, sound designing for film, television and other audio and visual presentations. Fundamentals are taught by a faculty of highly experienced industry professionals and practical training is imparted by a Steinberg Certified Trainer.

Some of these top 5 institutes for sound engineering courses in India can take to places if you have the passion and the dedication for this art. At AudioLife, we recognise that passion and hone it further to give it the polish it deserves that will help you shine in the rather unconventional but pertinent career choice.