If mixing music and churning out leg shaking numbers for a party crowd in a surreal high spirited disco ambience is what attracts you, being a DJ might be your calling. A DJ or a Disc Jockey is the one person who very often is the torchbearer or the sole reason for the success/ failure of a party or such similar gatherings. Become a DJ and make each day of your work as fun as it gets.

Enrol in a Disc Jockey course

Disc Jockey courses in Bangalore are quite comprehensive and can make you adept in this very unique field if you have the right attitude and sense of music. As a DJ you get to work alone as a single entity who, although stands on the sidelines, steers a party to its crescendo, or you get to work in tandem with other music professionals or even other DJs who can together rock a party or a bar/ nightclub, etc. You get to play songs using various devices such as vinyl records, MP3s or CDs along with a mixer, sound systems, headphones, and turntables. Nowadays there are also several digitally mixing software that DJs use. Enrolling in a Disc Jockey course will acquaint you with all these different techniques and methods.

Best 2019 DJ Mixes

There are several mixes by DJs across the globe that count among the top ones so far this year. Some of them are as follows:

  • Mixmag Impact

This is a high tempo, high voltage piece by famous Australian mixer Mikey Melas aka Jensen Interceptor. Having spent a decade in this field, his works are among the top in the charts.

  • Boiler Room X Dekmantel 2019

This runs for a whole of 56 minutes and still leaves you craving for more. It is the creation of DJ Junk and has dancers work themselves into a frenzy to the mesmerizing beats. The DJ displays the use of several different disc jockey techniques like “techno, break, and acid” to bring out the magic of his work.

  • Late Night Tales

These mixes stand apart from the regular high energy, fast-paced ones as they set the tone and the mood for a more relaxed feel on the dance floor. The use of a mixture of jazz, soul and folk music, the creator Focal Points gives party-goers a moment of respite to indulge in some toned down moments during the wee hours.

  • Hardcore Soul Mixtape

This nineteen-minute piece by the renowned Gabber Eleganza sees infectious energy spread across the floor as he churns out some famous tracks in fleeting succession that gets you completely in awe. The smooth and yet mind-boggling transitions between tracks are the DJ’s credit and also a merit.

  • Wow Mix

This famous one hour set by the pair of boy DJs who throw in a mix of famous numbers that include versions of “Unity”, “Doo Dew Lifted” and “A Trip in the Night” that never fails to set a euphoric atmosphere in any raving party.

  • Mixmag Cover Mix

This is a classic DJ formula perfectly dished out by the very talented Maya Bouldry Morrison aka Octo Octa who uses old numbers and techniques that are in great sync with today’s party goers and thus keeps the old charm alive while garbing it in modern attire.

These are but a few of the famous mixes of the year and the range clearly shows you how multi faceted and brilliant this line of work can be. Join one of the best DJ Training Institute in Bangalore, AudioLife and acquaint yourself with the best the industry has to offer. We are here to train passionate and dedicated individuals and lead them toward their dream musical career.