How can I become a sound engineer after 10+2?

Being an excellent sound engineer means that you’re nurturing an artist and making them feel special, as this is one of the good qualities and driving forces to produce the best track and music. This philosophy and way of working must be inherent to be a great audio engineer.

What is a Sound Engineering?

What is a Sound Engineering?

A sound engineer studies the sound and helps in processing desired quality hearing. They are also called audio engineers, who record the live performance, balances and adjusts the audio effects to produce a stable sound.

Sound engineers are also trained professionals who deal with technical aspects of sound and music, which is the recording, mixing, and reproducing sound. They often help musicians with the sound they were hoping to achieve.

A recording engineer is the one who develops high-quality sound effects for film, radio, music, and television broadcasting. They usually arrive early to any organized events such as concerts, rock bands, or any other program to produce stable quality sound effects during the entire session of the happening.

An event cannot be successful without a great sound engineer. It can make or break. Producing quality sound is the need during a speech, dance, comedy shows, movies or any entertainment media events. If you have a great ear with good sensing ability towards a sound and like messing around with an electronic soundboard, this must be the right career for you after clearing your 12th.

Here is career information on sound engineering, its scope, and the complete details about the training, certification, and salaries.

Scope of Sound Engineering

First of all, sound engineering is an aptitude based program. Not every person can become an audio engineer. An individual who likes hearing different types of sensitive ear who can recognize which is the right sound effect is the need to be a great sound engineer. 

When a sound engineer gains extensive experience and becomes professional, they can start their own business by providing services for entertainment industries, live events, broadcasting companies, recording studios, gaming, radio, and animation companies. Hence, the scope is enormous, and the demands are continually rising.

An ideal skillset required to be a sound engineer is an individual who is electronically adept with basic knowledge of music and mixing, a person with excellent interpersonal skills, and a team player.

What are the career options?

career options

Often jobs are not advertised for this role. You must have the initiative skills and abilities. As an individual, carrying out sound engineering activities in small events during your learning process betters your self-confidence.

Several sound engineers work full-time and on a permanent basis for various entertainment firms. But, their working schedules are irregular as they might be requiring to work based on project deadlines.

When you gain experience, you can become a studio manager too. The jobs of sound engineers are several such as sound editor, mixing engineer, studio engineer, location and live sound engineer, commercial music recorder, mix and mastering, audio acoustic and consultant, multimedia developer, post-production engineer, and sound designer for games, animation, movies, and films. A sound engineer works in several entertainment industries for promoting advertisement, radio, television, movie broadcasting, etc.



Sound engineering is the heart of all music performances and events. Today, you can avail of the detailed and a career-oriented course syllabus in sound engineering with students completely understanding the finer points of the field so that they can shape the sound of the future.

You can be a sound engineer anytime if you’re aspiring to become one of them. There is no age limitation to become a great audio engineer. All you need is the passion of music, creativity, and hearing ability to different sounds and voices. 

If you want to take up the course in audio engineering, Audio Life, the school of sound engineering, possesses vastly experienced faculties with a dedicated program module course, which helps students to analyze and master the deep subject. 

After your electronic sound education with Audio life institute of sound engineering, get certified and placed at various entertainment industries as a professional audio engineer. 

What is the pay for a sound engineering professional?

According to one of the job portals, the latest report on the average salary of a sound engineer in India is Rs.30, 552/month. Hence, the salary looks decent, and it goes on improving when the individual gains experience in various fields day by day.

Ultimately, to be a great sound engineer, you must possess and develop a great sense of hearing, and often ensure you’re producing the reliable sound which musicians were hoping.

After all, if you’re aspiring to learn sound engineering after 12th, earn a degree from an authorized training center in Bangalore. It’is is Audio Life school of sound engineering, who’s offering the course for passionate and aspiring personalities. The institute tutors aspiring students productively to ensure they earn a fair package by understanding fundamental skills of sound engineering after the completion of the course.  

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